Shadows of Chaos

Campaign Log

Day 1: Zor 5 Therendor 998K Whilst in the Inn of the Black Forge, the party become involved in a fight with a brawler, and succeed in killing the man. Impressed by the way the group handled themselves, a man approaches the party and suggests that they maybe the type of people his master is looking for. He tells them to go to the Lightning Railway Inn and ask for Larus Sideon, adding if they are asked for any further information, to simply reply ‘The flame burns eternally’

Just before turning in for the night, Bucklby is warned that the man killed by the party was a member of the Tunnel Runners, one of the many gangs that operate in the lower reaches of Sharn.

Day 2: Far 6 Therendor 998K On reaching the inn of the Lightning Railway there is no sign of the man from the previous night, or anyone presenting themselves as Larus Sideon. When the party ask at the bar, the Warforged inn keeper says that he has not seen Larus for a couple of weeks. However when the group state ‘The Flame burns eternally’, the warforged hands the party a note, sealed with silver wax that depicts a flickering flame.

The note reads:

‘Bucklby, Ferok and Larkon,

_We are pleased that you are interested in aiding our quest to bring protection and salvation to the world of Korvaire _

Larus Sideon has told me that you may well be the people we are looking for in order to complete a task for us. If you wish to hear about this further and the rewards we can offer then please come to the Church of the Silver Flame close to the Inn of the Lightning Railway and ask for me.


Dannyl Akarin

Priest of the Church of the Silver Flame’

The party make their way to the church to meet Dannyl. They are led to his office, where they meet the impressive looking man. Piercing blue eyes, that hint at power, framed by shoulder length wavy blond hair, regard the party from a pale face, that has an almost elven quality to it.

Dannyl offers the party a large reward of gold if they can hunt down and kill a Lycanthrope that had been tracked down and wounded by his men. The Werewolf had escaped before the Silver Flame soldiers before they could finish it off and a subsequent, more urgent mission had called the soldiers away from hunting down the beast. Dannyl requires that the body is brought back to him.

The party agree and are presented with travel arrangements on the Lightning Railway that will take the adventurers into the northern region of Breland. From there, the party has to make its own way to the Blackcap hills

Day Three: Sar 7 Therendor 998K

The party board the train on the third morning bound for Hatheril. Ferok ensures that he has secured enough drink for the journey from the innkeeper. The journey is scheduled to take three days.

On the first night in the compartment, a goblin assassin attempts to kill the party while they sleep. Larkon and Bucklby manage to wake in time and kill the attacker. Ferok on the other hand remains in a drunken stupor. On the body of the goblin is a note, bearing the descriptions of the three members of the party, signed with the letter ‘F’. The rest of the journey passes uneventfully.

Day Six: Zol 10 Therendor 998K

The party arrive into the town on Hatheril, on the sixth day of the adventure. There the party try to secure passage to the North of Breland (about 500 miles journey by road). On learning that the journey will take over a week with one of the House Orien caravans, the party opt to take up the offer of a half-mad inventor who lives on the outskirts of the town. He has built a mode of airborne transport, using gases to inflate a large canopy attached to an enclosed capsule. The journey lasts a total of two days.

Day Eight: Zor 12 Therendor 998K

The party land on the outskirts of a small village in the Blackcap Hills, where Dannyl reported the Lycanthrope to have been spotted. The man, who took the party by air to the village, offers to return in a week’s time for transport back to Hatheril, to which the party agrees.

The group make their way to a local inn and begin questioning the locals about the whereabouts of the Werewolf. They learn that several of the farmers have lost sheep to a strange beast, preying on the outlying farms. The party devise a plan to tether a sheep to a post in attempt to lure the beast and kill it.

Later on the evening, the party are waiting for the Werewolf. Suddenly the sheep is snatched and Ferok begins pursuit of the beast through the woods, without losing sight of the Werewolf. The party catches up and finds Ferok has trapped the Werewolf in a cave and about to move in for the kill.

However just as the party strike, the Werewolf, now in human form makes a plea:

‘Do you not recognise me?’ he asks. Bucklby and Ferok have no recollection of the man, but Larkon recalls him to be the Tyran ir’ Wynarn, the supposed dead second son of the King of Breland.

The Prince proves his identity with the production of the Royal Seal on his ring, which Larkon verifies. The party agree to the Prince’s plea for help, after Tyran promises to match the reward of the Church, if they can get him to Marketplace in Aundair, where he can draw on funds from the local guildhouse. Marketplace is a week’s travel away.

Day Nine: Far 13 Therendor 998K

The party begin the journey to Market place

Day Ten: Far 20 Therendor 998K

The party arrive in Therendor and seek the comforts of an inn. Tyran produces the required papers so that the adventurers can claim their gold from a local guildhouse. While in the town centre, a sign is spotted requesting the aid of adventurers, which the party investigate further. On meeting a town official, it transpires that the outlying villages of Marketplace have been subject to increasing goblin raids. The party agree to assist in the matter.

Day Seventeen: Sar 21 Therendor 998K

The party set out for the villages, a day ride away and arrive early evening. Tyran remains back at the inn, still weak from his injuries. Leaving the horses behind in the village, the party sets off on foot through the forest that surrounds the Blackcap hills. Eventually the party decide to stop for the night. During one of the watches, the group is attacked by three Worgs but are successful in killing them.

Day Eighteen: Sul 22 Therendor 998K

The party soon picks up goblin tracks that lead up to a cave mouth in the Blackcap Hills. Standing on guard are 2 bugbear guards which are overpowered by the party. However the sounds of fighting attract the attention of three more bugbears but who also meet death.

The group begins to explore the cave, at first finding stores on the level of the cave mouth. They follow a tunnel cut down in the rock into a large cavern, with four caves leading off from the central cavern. One cave has a locked door that won’t move in the attempts to knock it down. Another cave finds three Hobgoblins seemingly guarding an empty space. With these guards overwhelmed, the party begins to search the cave and a secret entrance is soon uncovered.

Through the secret door, an enormous cavern is encountered. At the far end, two colossal golems stand passively facing away from the secret entrance, large boulders at their feet. As the party approach, it becomes clear that they are inactive, but bear collars around their necks. In the centre of the room is a curious object, a plinth about the size of a table, with gems set into the side and a seemingly empty socket. On the face of the plinth, facing the gollums, is a dull grey dome. A dull grey prism sits on top of the object. The object bares the mark of House Cannith. After several unsuccessful attempts to activate the machine, the party give up and return to exploring the rest of the cave network.

In one of the caves the party discover another passageway leading deeper down into the hills. They follow the passageway into a small cave, which looks like a crude temple and find a goblin shaman incanting at the altar. When the shaman hears the party approach, he throws a number of spells at the group. The party succeed in killing him and find on the body a ring and a key. Having been wounded in the battle, the party decide to rest for a while in the makeshift temple.

Day Nineteen: Mol 23 Therendor 998K

With the party sufficiently rested, the group resumes exploring this level of the caves. A door off one of the passages conceals three bugbears in discussion around a map in a hollowed out room. The party engage the enraged bugbears and succeed in killing them. On the body of the apparent leader is a translucent blue triangular shaped rod. The room contains several notes and maps written in a language the group cannot make out; however they take them anyway.

The party heads back to the enormous cavern and try the rod in one of the empty sockets of the bizarre object. The item activates and the prism on top begins to glow a milky white. In the same instant, the gollums begin to move, clawing at the rock and loose rubble in front of them. Pushing the gems on the object, causes it either to spin, move or fire off a beam of energy from the now glowing red dome on the front, blasting the rocks out.

The party leave the object behind, taking the rod with them. Using the key they found on the shaman, they unlock the door leading off the central cavern. Inside they find human captives which the party release.

As the party are about to leave the network of caves they are attacked by a group of eight goblins returning back to the caves but overcome them with ease. The party return back towards the village.

Day Twenty: Zol 24 Therendor 998K

The party arrive in the village and are greeted as heroes for saving the villagers. The group heads back to Marketplace to claim the reward

Day Twenty One: Wir 25 Therendor 998K

The party collect their reward from the grateful Mayor.



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